Remembering The Past

When someone dies we grieve.  When someone is remembered we try to honor that memory with something unique.  For many, creating some type of memorial becker mn is their way to celebrate their life as well as tell their story for others can grieve and remember as well.

Creating a memorial

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When creating a memorial it should be simple and tasteful.  The purpose and focus of a memorial is to tell the story of someone we lost.  This can be for those that died tragically in war, an accident or from an illness.  This can be for someone that passed naturally from old age.  No matter the reason finding a way to celebrate their life should be the foundation of the memorial.

Key Focus

Locate the key focus that made the person who they were.  This can be their love of a sport or hobby.  It can be a time that lead you to being brought closer together in life.  When picking a key focus it should encapsulate everything that the person stood for. 

Positive Memories

When creating a memorial make it shine with positive memories.  Have photos, videos and personal items that they cherished.  Play music that they liked to listen to, write poems that summed up their favorite sayings and emphasize their quirks and individual features that made them who they were and why they will be missed.

Establish feelings

When someone passes it is important to establish and acknowledge your feelings for them and how they felt about you.  Talk about your personal relationships, some private moments that will draw the people in and really make it a moment for yourself to connect with the departed one more time.


When completing your memorial it is important to have closure.  Don’t dwell on the life lost but rather use it to drive your life forward.  Use it as a spark to make the rest of your life the best it can be.